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Give Life To Your Dead Harddisk

At present the world moves around the computer. From offices and homes to hospitals, airports, and schools, computers have turned into an important and vital part of our life. Data storage is the main uses of computers. The data saved on the PC resides on a physical memory disk referred to as hard drive which is a layer of magnetic disks. As people turn out to be more and more dependent on computers, the possibility of data loss also arises. Hard drive failures are a common incident. They are divided into two categories that are;

  • Logical – deals with failure of the system files and software.
  • Physical – related to some type of electrical or shock damage to the disk.

Symptoms of hard drive failure and data loss

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Knowing the indications of hard drive failure is important as drive failure, one of the most common reasons for data and information loss on computer. If you know the symptoms ahead of time, you can get ready for expected computer failure and backup your data before it is too late. In all such cases of the system and hard drive failure, you can recover your important data with the help of hard drive recovery solutions.

  • Create a regular backup. In case of system failure, you can easily restore all your lost data from an up-to-date backup.
  • Always be ready to handle data loss.

Some common signs of disk failure:

  • Computer Frozen: When your computer gets stuck while working and you can’t do anything about it. To handle this problem, you need to reboot hard disk by using the reset button on your system. It can be caused by missing system files or virus infection. It is a type of logical hard drive failure.
  • Missing Files: When you start your computer and try to access data from it, you find that some of your important files or/and hard drive areas are missing. The problem is caused by accidental deletion or corruption of system files.
  • System Can’t Identify Hard Drive: If the system is not able to identify hard drive due to failure of disk controller or other similar reasons. It comes under the type of physical data loss.
  • Noise of Hard Drive: If your system hard drive is producing strange clicking sounds and scrapping then it can be due to damage of actuator arm or head crash. It is a type of physical hard drive failure.

Despite the fact that, data loss is a very critical situation, but data recovery is possible despite that your hard drive is totally dead. The solution of hard drive recovery depends on the reason behind the failure.

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