Classification Of Shredder Cutter Parts And Cutting Tools

The cutting element is used in machine tools in order to perform machining operations and provide a certain finishing material. Traditionally, metal cutting is used for drilling machines, milling machines and other machine tools.

Classification Of Shredder Cutter Parts And Cutting Tools

  • Types of tools

A more general way of how to classify the tools is:

  • Simple tip tool

They are cutting tool having a cutting portion and a body. They are commonly used in lathes, turret lathes, brushes, shaping and boring machines.

  • Multi tip tool

It comprises two or more cutting inserts mounted on a common body. Most tools are rotary type and having a conical or cylindrical shaft for clamping, or have a hole for mounting on a shaft.

  • A tool that uses abrasive wheels

Abrasive wheels are generally cylindrical, disc or cup. The machines are used in which all are called grinders have a spindle that can rotate at high speed and in which the grinding wheel is mounted.

Cutting tool materials

A cutting tool or shredder cutter parts should have certain characteristics to produce machined parts with excellent quality.

Characteristics of materials for cutting tools

  • Hardness: The hardness and toughness of the cutting tool should be maintained at high temperature (hot hardness).
  • Tenacity: The tenacity of the cutting tool is needed so both tools should not suffer exhaustion, failure and splinter, especially during cutting operations with many interruptions.
  • Wear resistance: The wear resistance means that the tool has an acceptable life before needing to be replaced. The materials which are made cutting tools all have the characteristics of being tough and durable. offers all types of cutting tools and blades by using the best properties of tool steel. Call at +44 114 2335291 for very next day delivery.