Features And Benefits Of Winding Wooden Staircases

Today screw style wooden staircase also known as spiral staircase have become increasingly popular among the majority of homeowners because this type of designs has particular features and advantages over other types of ladders. The spiral staircase is a special design which looks like a continuous cascade in a rectangular or circular shape. Due to its shape this elite staircase got its name.


Nowadays, consumers are provided with a number of different images of stair designs, and how it will be a part of your home interior or exterior such as:

  • On the sides;
  • In the middle of the march;
  • Without support.

What made wooden spiral staircase?

Spiral staircases can be manufactured with a variety of materials, but the wooden structures have recently received a special popularity, due to its high quality advantages. They also have an excellent appearance, and the use of specific wood gives them elite status. Nowadays this kind of ladders is made of:

  • Oak
  • Pines
  • Birch
  • Buka
  • Ash
  • Larch

The stairs made with oak is very popular in recent years, due to their durability.

What are their advantages?

  • No need to assign more storage space because the ladder can be easily installed even in small houses;
  • Beautiful appearance because the elite ladders manufactured in accordance with all applicable requirements of production and using only high quality materials. These ladders are a real adornment for any interior;
  • A relatively small price, that is, getting the highest quality and beautiful design, you absolutely do not overpay.

Recently, a large number of companies, private groups and individual carpenters manufacturing the stairs. Most of them are middleman, sitting at various locations and sell orders to manufacturers or craftsmen. Another category is the numerous shops, mainly in the construction markets, which sell accessories and offer a complete service for the assembly. The next largest group combines all sorts of manufacturers who deal with furniture, windows, doors, stairs, and so on.

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